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Due Dates


Federal & State Maintenance and Operations Declaration Form

July 5th

Proposed Budget (approved and uploaded)

July 5th

Adopted Budget (board approved) and Email a link of the Charter webpage containing the link

July 15th

LEA Calendar (FY 2017)

July 5th

Audit firm contract sent to AZ Charter Board

July 15th

Adopted Budget (uploaded)

July 18th

Adopted Budget coversheet must be sent to ADE

July 20th

July Estimated Student Count Enrollment List

July 15th

Audit Prep to Begin


August Estimated Student Count Enrollment List

August 14th

September Final Estimated Student Count Enrollment List

September 15th

Revisions to LEA Calendar after September 1st require Calendar Change Request Form

After September 1st

K-3 Reading Budget

Prior to October 1st

Preparation of Form 990 for 6/30 school year


Annual Corporation Commission Report Submission ($10)


Cash management reports due (at least every two months)


Annual Financial Report Approved and Uploaded

October 15th

Email scan of Board approved coversheet within 5 days

October 20th

Fiscal Year Annual Audit

November 15th

Classroom Site Project Narrative

November 15th

Title I Monitoring Documents for Cycles 1,2,3,5 & 6 due in ALEAT

December 1st

Audit Reports Forms due

December 1st

Completion reports due for federal grants that ended September 30; carryover should be amended within 60 days.  A waiver for more than 15% of Title I carryover is required.

December 27th

1099's and W2's for vendors and employees

January 31st

ESEA Consolidated Grant closes February 1st

February 1st

Second Extension for June 30th 990 filers due

February 15th

Tax Credit Report due to AZDOR

February 28th

W-2's and 1099's to state agencies

February 28th

W3 and 1096 sent to IRS


Property Exemption Due (comes out beginning of January)


Final Budget Revision

May 15th

Final Extension for June 30th 990 filers due or First Extension for Dec 31st 990 filers

May 15th

Final Budget Revision (Uploaded)

May 18th

Update General Statement of Assurances for upcoming fiscal year to Grants Mgt

Annually by May 31st

Final SAIS Upload Due

June 15th

Proposed School Budget Notice of Public Hearing

June 20th

Audit firm contracted

June 30th

NSLP Sponsor Applications Due

June 30th